Retail Marketing Thinks Inside the Box

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Many, many years ago I started in Automotive Sales working for a small two store but well established Jobber. My job was to sell automotive parts to the local mechanics both professional and hobbyist. I remember one day learning from my mentor at the time, Dev, who had me fill a big box in the front of the store with a variety of miscellaneous items that had sat on the shelf so long that the dust was making me sneeze with my every movement. I questioned Dev on his strategy of burying items people don’t want into a box they now have to dig through to investigate what is ‘on sale’. His response was simple and quickly understood; “people (mostly men in this environment) like treasure hunts”. He was right. Every person who walked in the store could not leave without at least a quick rummage through the box. I watched over an over the items being picked through with most people walking out with their unique treasure.

To this day when I see a box in a store I still can not resist the temptation to explore and treasure hunt in the box. Another ‘Retail Marketing Thinks Inside The Box’ technique for moving slow moving inventory is to package three or more items into one box marked on sale. There is always one item that appeals to someone and the rest of the items… well, wanted or not, they are all an added bonus.

The next time you are trying to think outside the box in your business, exploring for creative ideas, ask yourself if perhaps the answer can be found; inside the box?